Over 80% of education’s business processes are expected to be impacted by the digital revolution by 2021.

Is your infrastructure ready?

There’s one requirement to achieving a modern IT infrastructure:


Educating the 21st Century Workforce Requires a 21st Century IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure must do more than keep campus services running. In today’s technology-driven world, institutions are focused on how to educate the next generation in an increasingly technology-centric learning environment. IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in their ability to do so. Institutions need an infrastructure that can accommodate changing requirements.

FNT has solutions to help transform your institution’s IT and cable infrastructure into a modern technological system that can adapt to the evolving needs of students, faculty and administrators.

A modern infrastructure:


Supports business continuity


Adapts to market-driven changing technology requirements


Provides services more efficiently and at a lower cost


Enables institutions to demonstrate financial responsibility

In today’s changing and expanding education environment, what universities need most is a reliable documentation and planning tool. A tool like FNT Command, that simplifies management of the university’s multifaceted technology networks. It enables users to easily extract the insights needed to make informed decisions about how best to deliver the highest quality education. A comprehensive solution like FNT Command is the backbone of a modern 21st century IT infrastructure.

FNT Command Provides Cable Infrastructure Management
at DESY and Heidelberg University

Institutions of learning have vast, complex network infrastructures. Those that are research oriented even more so. DESY, one of the world’s leading accelerator centers, is a prime example. With more than 3,000 researchers from over 40 countries using their large-scale facilities each year, DESY relies on FNT Command to manage several hundred kilometers of coaxial and fiber-optic cables.

Read in detail how FNT Command makes it possible for DESY to support workflow processes, change management functionalities, and overall system configurability, all while maintaining high availability and operational efficiency of network services.

Universities and research centers invest in the latest IT technologies in order to boost their appeal and support digital transformation of teaching and research activities. To cope with the demands on high-tech infrastructures, a structured management system is essential.

Read on to learn why the Heidelberg University Data Center opted for the cloud-based version of FNT Command. You can also discover how it uses efficient deployment methods to provide flawless IT services every single day to students, faculty, and researchers.

Cable Management for Higher Education

Education today is more complex than in previous generations. Networks are being stressed by the demands of more digital, mobile and technology-based campuses. Learn what a comprehensive cable management solution looks like and how it helps manage the technologies and resources used in the production of campus services.

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Complete Visibility into Every Network Asset

There’s one requirement to achieving a modern IT infrastructure: visibility. Visibility lets you ensure all assets and connections are working properly and determine if the campus’ current and projected needs are being met. Visibility enables you to find trouble anywhere in your network and fix it so service is not disrupted. Visibility enables you to anticipate changing service needs and meet them.


FNT gives you this visibility. So you can:


Perform hassle-free construction and facility upgrades ▼

Prevent service interruption by documenting end-to-end network connections and housing the information in a dynamically updating central data repository.

Justify grant and endowment spending ▼

Assign all IT and network services to internal departments for easy allocation of infrastructure costs and to document how resources are being used.

Offer state of the art classrooms and research facilities ▼

Ensure bandwidth and infrastructure keep up with rising digital demands and support the tools and technologies instructors and students require.

Support increasing capacity demands without increasing cost ▼

Automate and streamline processes to provide better service at lower costs.

Support changing delivery models ▼

Enable new technologies and architectures as demanded by emerging digital requirements.

Simplify network complexity ▼

Harmonise the many technologies and network structures that have merged over time, so all are seamlessly integrated into one centralised IT management system.

See How it Works

Ensuring reliable campus services is one of the IT department’s most important responsibilities. Watch a short video to see how FNT Command can be used to quickly and easily perform fault analysis and resolution.

Watch the Webinar

FNT offers unique insight into how outside plant management can help institutions navigate a changing environment. The learnings from these power utilities examples can be applied by universities to achieve similar benefits.

Universities and research centers Trust FNT

About FNT Software


FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide. FNT Command is our innovative software solution that is used worldwide as an OSS / IT management platform for communications service providers, enterprises and governmental organizations. More than 25,000 users have relied on FNT Command since 1994.

FNT Command provides transparency in an integrated way for better management of IT, network infrastructures, and telecommunication. The deep integration of all data items and our comprehensive data repository set it apart from other solutions in the software market. FNT supports all planning, fulfillment and assurance processes across your business.

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